In 1995, PAMET-Midwest headed by Aida Maguigad, Flor Lida, Ricky Martinez, and others met with the Medical Technologist from the Indiana Northwest corridor to form the group that was to evolve into PAMET USA, Inc. – Indiana Chapter, also known as PAMET Indiana. This founding group included Rudy Banzon, Danilo Biscocho, Annie Dabu, Ner Dabu, Sandy Lopez, Alejandro Manahan, Cora Manahan, Sonya Palmer, and Elsa Transfiguracion. They elected Ner Dabu to be the first President and Rudy Banzon as Vice President.

In 1997, the decision was made to expand the membership to Central Indiana. Ner Dabu and his college classmate Antonio “Tony” Ricafort was able to make that vision a reality. Tony was instrumental in recruiting members from Central Indiana area, most notably in Indianapolis where a large group of Filipino Medical Technologists and other Health and Sciences professionals have lived and worked in different hospitals and private laboratories.

June 1998, a chapter meeting was held at Follas Laboratory in Indianapolis. Present were the officers headed by Ner Dabu, Rudy Banzon, Sandy Lopez, and Ethel Urbi from Northwest Indiana region. The central Indiana representatives were Tony Ricafort, Elvie Miguel, Nellie Gallardo, Virgie Quintin, AL Autajay, Angele Miguel, Fred Gallardo, Dolly Santos, Lita Murphy, Estrella Rosales, and Nerissa Delegero. The primary agenda was to reorganize PAMET Indiana and put in a solid foundation and on a strong footing. The officer, board members and advisors were chosen through voluntary designation rather than a formal election. It was approved by the members present that the designated officers will hold the term of office for two years. Tony Ricafort was elected as the new president for 1999-2000

Logo History

PAMET Indiana logo colors were taken from Indiana’s official flag colors, blue background and yellow gold stars, rays & torch. The microscope logo was placed in the upper left corner of the Indiana map to represent where the chapter was formed in 1995. The PAMET Indiana logo was drawn by Cora Manahan’s daughter, Charity Manahan Dustin. The original border around the logo was a rope but due to printing issue, it was made into a simple circle.
Logo history credits to Cora Manahan.

Message from Antonio Ricafort

Message from Rowena Pablico, President, PAMET-USA Inc. 

Message from Rommel Saceda, President, PAMET Philippines National